My Testimony - This sewing project began with a single idea, to make as many clothes for children in third world countries as I was able. That progressed with many women coming together to donate their time, funds, and sewing abilities. We now have many churches, organizations, and individuals working together to accomplish this feat. Now, not only do the children benefit, but those that are helping to minister have had their own lives touched. God has continually blessed and met the needs of Sewing 4 Souls, thus helping to spread the message of His love. ~ Daphne Jessup - Founder

Sewing 4 Souls
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Welcome to Sewing 4 Souls!
Sewing 4 Souls was developed to minister to all of God's children throughout the world, using the simple gift of clothing. We hope by providing a physical need, we may be given the opportunity to meet a spiritual need.